Tuesday’s Top Ten

— The Letterman-Katie Holmes interview was decidedly tame last night, as Letterman allowed Katie to interview him for half the time, and then actually asked a question or two about Mad Money. Unintentional comedy was high as Queen Latifah and Diane Keaton were mentioned in the same breath as actresses. But after a Good Morning America appearance today, we might mention them in the same breath as gangsters, too.

Panic at the Disco appears hellbent on media coverage, as they dropped the exclamation point in their name yesterday. This wasn’t quite as sad as Sacha Baron Cohen retiring Borat, and sure makes you wonder why the disco calmed down. Ecstasy has to run out sometime, I suppose.

— High School Musical will be back for a third movie, as teens everywhere rejoice. Just when Nick thought they had it with lil’ Spears getting preggers, Disney plays the “We’ll keep Vanessa Hudgens relevant in hopes another sex tape is released” card.

— Disney’s other moneymaker, Hannah Montana, gained a positive review from the Chicago Sun-Times for her concert at the United Center last night. “…Cyrus sang her heart out, ran around like an Olympian, and conveyed a winning charisma,” a male local free-lance writer wrote. Seriously. Check back later for what I’d guess will be a different take.

— While we can’t promise either of these won’t get canceled if the writer strike ends, CBS will air concerts from Garth Brooks and Celine Dion in the next month. The Vegas singer will perform in February, with an odd listed guest appearance from Will.I.Am. Never has there been a combination more sure to draw viewers.

Charlize Theron signed on yesterday to appear in Cormac McCarthy’s next silver screen adaptation, “The Road.” Variety called it a small role, which may be best for Theron, as director John Hillcoat is no Joel and Ethan Coen, and the two of whom certainly did what they could with McCarthy’s “No Country for Old Men.” Implication intended.

— Just a day after receiving a slap in the face at the Golden Globes, “Juno” and “There Will be Blood” bounced back in style yesterday, receiving top feature film nominations from the Producers Guild of America. They join “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly,” “No Country,” and “Michael Clayton.” For those interested in the Oscar race, Red Carpet District has things laid out nicely; it’s a 6-horse race between those five and Sean Penn’s “Into the Wild.”

— Trying to figure out a news hook here, but Britney Spears visitation rights were ruled to remain in suspension yesterday. If that classifies as news to you, stop reading this blog … forever.

— Tonight it begins, as American Idol starts what is likely to be a dominant few months with a two-hour special. The show promises to focus more on the contestants this season, but no word on whether they will backtrack their coverage on the bad contestants in the show’s opening weeks. If not, expect the usual lowest common denominator tonight.

— No one deserves a birthday holler out more than the great Doctor himself, Martin Luther King Jr. Let’s just hope Hillary can stop talking about you, so we can actually celebrate his life.


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