Friday’s Top Ten

—Happy birthday to Kevin Costner, who turns 53 today. He had a quiet 2007, starring only in Mr. Brooks as a murderous psychopath who ends up murdered himself. Sorry if I just ruined the movie for you, but I also saved you 90 minutes and a rental fee. Trust me, you can’t thank me enough.

Cloverfield, the handheld-camera apocalypse movie, hits theatres today. Its publicity has been fairly aggressive; you can see short clips here and here. The most surprising news, however, is that the film has opened to generally positive reviews. But can a monster movie take down two “hilarious” comedies featuring “accomplished” actresses (Mad Money and 27 Dresses)? Let’s hope so.

24 star Kiefer Sutherland gets out of jail Monday after serving 48 days for a second DUI conviction. FOX has currently delayed the seventh season of 24, but Sutherland’s freedom should still buy him a few days of publicity. I’d guess that the Jack Bauer power hours will resume shortly thereafter.

—Legendary rock group Metallica is considering premiering new songs in upcoming versions of Rock Band and Guitar Hero. The band made the decision after hearing that the video games have sold a combined 7.5 million track downloads since their respective releases. To date, however, the games have failed to influence the sale of a single condom.

—For some reason, the Baldwin family is currently ubiquitous in pop culture. Alec, the most recognizable, is holding down the best performance on television. Little brother Stephen, most famous for his role in The Usual Suspects, is hamming it up on Celebrity Apprentice and managed to get Alec on last night’s episode. And crackhead Danny, famous for being related to Alec, is the voice of reason on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. He also welcomed baby daughter Avis Ann into the Baldwin family early on Thursday morning. Score: Baldwin bros. 3, Wayans bros. 0.

Randy Jackson is the latest member to weigh in on this week’s American Idol war of words. A few days ago, Idol alum Chris Daughtry told Rolling Stone that the show was in a state of “decline.” Although Daughtry later apologized, Jackson spoke his mind to Rolling Stone today, complimenting Chris but commenting that “there would be no Chris Daughtry is there wasn’t American Idol.” Big words dawg, but remember that without Idol there’d be no Randy Jackson either.

Sex and the City: The Movie starts its press blitz today, and order #1 was unveiling the flick’s promotional poster. The promo is simple enough, but the clincher is its tagline: “Get Carried Away.” Why can’t the writer’s strike affect this shit?

Bobby Fischer, the legendary chess God who dethroned the Soviet world champion in 1972, has passed away at the age of 64. Fischer was a notorious recluse who once defined the objective of chess as “crushing the other man’s mind.” There’s a checkmate joke in here somewhere, but out of respect I’ll leave you with this magazine cover from three decades ago.

—Gotta love TMZ‘s new pic of Miley Cyrus and Ashley Tisdale attempting a greeting. Apparently a new nose makes kissing hello that much harder.

—And in politics, potential first first husband Bill Clinton went ape shit on a reporter for asking cheap questions about a dated lawsuit. You can see the video of the “fiery exchange” here. I imagine that Bill hasn’t taken a blow beneath the belt like that since the Lewinsky days.


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