The WHAP Wrap: This Week’s Winners and Losers

It’s Sunday, the day for God and football. (Expect some Hail Maries.) But today is also home to The WHAP Wrap, a roundup of the best and worst from the last seven days. Check out this week’s cheers and jeers below.


(3) Martin Luther King, Jr. Tomorrow is MLK Day, this year brought to you by Lyndon B. Johnson. But the Doc’s name was all over the media this week, as presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton made an MLK comment that some feel could affect her campaign. In reality, she didn’t say anything offensive—but it’s nice to remember someone who was crucial to America’s past progress at the expense of someone who might shape it in the future.

(2) The cast of High School Musical 3: Senior Year. Before this week, we weren’t so sure that HSM 3 would shatter box office records. Now it’s becoming more of a possibility. On Tuesday, it was announced that the film’s six big stars will return for the third and final installment; for those keeping score at home, that’s Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu, Lucas Grabeel and Monique Coleman. (Note: if you’re over 40, you should not be keeping score.) The movie is slated for release in October of 2008, and its plot involves high school seniors with just enough problems to sing about.

(1) Cloverfield. Oh my Godzilla. Who would have expected this Blair Witchy B-movie to break box office records? Probably the same idiots who went and saw the thing. But despite our cynicism, Cloverfield took in $41 million over the weekend—a record for January releases. The film owes its huge debut to an online blitz of clues and clips leading up to its release.


(3) Andy Roddick. We’re not in the habit of too much sports writing here at WHAP, but at this point Andy Roddick is more tabloid prince than tennis player. He’s lucky that his latest gaffe—a third round loss to Philipp Kohlschreiber at the Australian Open—was overshadowed by a week of presidential primaries. This means that Roddick, world #6 and great white American hope, hasn’t made it past the quarterfinals in any of his last four Grand Slams.

(2) American Idol. For the most part, the song remains the same for Idol’s seventh season: it’s still the most-watched show on TV, with 33 million viewers during Tuesday’s debut. But that number is down ten percent from last year, and WHAP was less than impressed with the first two rounds of auditions. So was Chris Daughtry—who said that AmIdol is in decline—as well as a crop of critics across the nation. So what does Idol do to repent? Talk up a Super Bowl duet between Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul. (Paula has already leaked an awful single.) I just hope we don’t see anyone’s nipples, especially Randy’s.

(1) Mad Money. From the get go, this movie’s publicity belonged to Katie Holmes and Diane Keaton. First, Holmes followed up the worst late night interview ever with the worst morning interview ever. Then Keaton said “fuck” during a chat with Diane Sawyer. Meanwhile, Mad Money’s third star (Queen Latifah) was nowhere to be found…until the movie tanked, that is. The film’s abysmal opening—7th in the box and $7.7 million in the bank—was paired with this headline in an AP story: “Queen Latifah movie bombs.” So if nothing else, at least Mad Money reminded us of the media’s inborn racism.


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