Monday’s Top Ten

—First and foremost, happy MLK Day. This remains one of the most eloquent speeches in history.

—Happy birthday to Cat Power, who turns 36 today. The American singer/songwriter celebrates in style this year: her Jukebox, a collection of covers, comes out tomorrow. Pitchfork thinks it’s pretty good.

Newsweek has posted its annual Oscar roundtable featuring Angelina Jolie, Daniel Day-Lewis, Ellen Page, George Clooney, Marion Cotillard and James McAvoy. As for the youngsters, McAvoy is charmingly funny and Page a little uptight. But the best quote comes from Clooney, who said the following in reference to Danny Day-Lewis: “Let’s get it out right now. All actors bow to this fucker right here.”

Oliver Stone has announced his next project: Bush, about the life and times of our current president. Stone has his eye on Josh Brolin for the role of George W., but I think the better fit would be Sean Penn—who has previous experience portraying the retarded.

—The March issue of Blender magazine will feature Britney Spears on its cover, accompanied by a feature story about a month in Britney’s life. Classic Brit covers of old can be seen here, here and here.

—The nominations have come out for next month’s Razzie Awards—given annually to the year’s worst films and performances. Leading the nominees is I Know Who Killed Me, starring Lindsay Lohan as a drug-addicted stripper. (No, it’s not autobiographical.) Other nominated actors include Eddie Murphy (Norbit), Adam Sandler (Chuck & Larry) and Carmen Electra (Epic Movie).

—In other Lindsay Lohan news, the starlette has been ordered to spend four hours in a morgue as part of her ongoing punishment for drunk driving. She will also spend time in an emergency room to see the potentially devastating effects of driving under the influence. While at the morgue, Lohan can expect to see 20 to 30 dead bodies, some of them in the process of being autopsied. She might also see her career.

DMX has been ordered to pay $1.5 million to Monique Wayne, the mother of his child, after failing to appear in court last week. In 2003, the rapper allegedly defamed Wayne by accusing her of raping him (?) in order to impregnate herself with his child (???). This shit may sound bizarre, but it’s fairly tame for the guy who has impersonated an FBI agent, verbally abused a flight attendant who asked him to buckle his seat belt, and starred in countless PETA ads because of his cruelty to pitbulls.

—In a brilliant strike-era business move, CBS has picked up Showtime’s Dexter and will start airing the first season on February 17. The show stars Michael C. Hall as a serial killer who stays a step ahead of the law by working for a police department. Take note, DMX.

—And finally, there might be a sequel to Cloverfield because of the film’s massive success. In it, the world would end…again?


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