Tuesday’s Top Ten

—Happy birthday to Diane Lane, who turns 43 today but looks 25. Lane gets to celebrate with hubby Josh Brolin, whose No Country for Old Men picked up eight Oscar nods (a first place tie with There Will Be Blood).

—Speaking of the Oscars, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences released its full list of nominees this morning. The Academy showed love for Juno, Blood and No Country, and can’t hide its inexplicable hard-on for Michael Clayton. Check out WHAP’s full list of noms here and our initial reaction here.

—In other awards news, RottenTomatoes.com has announced the winners of the Golden Tomatoes, given to the best-reviewed films of the year. Winners include Ratatouille (for wide release), Once (for limited release) and Because I Said So (for worst-reviewed).

—Today brings two big pieces of strike news, both good. First, the WGA will not picket the Grammy Awards—although it has yet to grant a waiver so that Grammy reps could use guild writers. Second, WGA officials held informal meetings with Hollywood studio execs today, possibly the first step in resolving the writer’s strike. This is huge news for the Academy Awards, as there are countless actors who said they’d refuse to cross picket lines if the strike isn’t resolved.

—If you’re having sex with Sean Combs, you now have to scream a different name. That’s right: Combs, formerly known as Sean “Puffy” Combs, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy and just Diddy, wants to be referred to as Sean John in the future—also the name of his clothing company. I bet he’s just pissed he didn’t think of “Hannah Montana” first.

—The latest Sun features a picture of Amy Winehouse reportedly smoking crack. There’s also a rather shocking video. Earlier today, Winehouse was seen entering a mental health clinic in Central London.

—This morning, Beatle drummer Ringo Starr walked off of Live with Regis and Kelly due to miscommunication over his musical performance. Ringo’s agent, Elizabeth Freud, failed to mention that his song needed to be two and a half minutes or less—a rare case of a woman wanting a man to perform in under three minutes. Ringo, enraged, stormed out without singing at all.

—Added to the list of things Ludacris likes to lick, lick, lick, lick: Asian cuisine. In April, Luda will open Straits Atlanta, the third in a national chain of restaurants. The Straits will combine Singaporean food with Georgian cuisine, which sounds…delicious.

—Soccer star David Beckham will lend his voice to an upcoming Snoop Dogg track. This adds to the long list of things the two have in common, including a love of fields of green.

—And in political news, Fred Thompson has bowed out of the presidential race.


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