Friday’s Top 10

-Happy birthday to Alicia Keys, who turns 27 today.  Alicia will be happy to know that her album “As I Am” remained at the number one slot on the Billboard charts for the third week in a row.  But Alicia, when you blow out the candles tonight maybe you should wish for some more people to buy your record, because you have lowest sales figure for any number one album since 1991. 

-Happy birthday to the Honky Tonk Man!  Roy Wayne Farris (his real name) was born 55 years ago “on a pool table” in Memphis, TN.  He is the only man that has ever lived who was brave enough to be both an Elvis impersonator and professional wrestler.  If you want to know what Roy Wayne is up to now, click here

-Speaking of professional wrestling, in a divorce-related court filing, Linda Hogan accused Hulk Hogan of “legal shenanigans.”  Hulk has responded by accusing Linda of “not being nearly hot enough to marry and reprouduce with a man who has a mustache of my caliber.”

-The internet is buzzing about Brad and AngelinaWebsites everywhere are saying Jolie may be pregnant with twins.  However, here at WHAP this news does not come as a big surprise.  How could you say no to having unprotected sex with this?  Or this?     

Apparently, ever since Juno came out, hamburger phones have been all the rage.  Talk about some dirty phone sex.  “Oh baby, I’m holding the meat to my ear.”  “Put your mouth on the beef patty.”  I’m going to stop there, but feel free to leave your own one-liners under “comments.”

Portfolio has estimated that Britney Spears is making $120 million for other people and the economy every year.  Yes, that’s $120,000,000.  And you people think she isn’t responsible.

Jessica Simpson’s lawyers have asked OK! to publish a retraction because of an article saying that Cowboy’s quarterback Tony Romo dumped Jessica after his loss to the Giants.  We all know that Romo is not going to be the one to end that relationship.

The Monte Carlo Resort and Casino caught on fire today on the Las Vegas strip.  One can only hope they were filming another Real World reunion up there.

-New York police have stated they have no interest in interviewing Mary-Kate Olsen about Heath Ledger’s death.  The Full-House star released this brief statement.

-In other news, the SAGs are this weekend.  Who knew?!?  The official ballot is here.         


One Response to Friday’s Top 10

  1. Alana says:

    “wow, your pickle is so stiff…i like”

    “ouch, wait, some of your tomato juice got in my eye”

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