SAG Preview Review: The Picks

With the SAG Awards just five hours away, we thought it would be useful to put our picks in a table format. Thanks to the beauty of WordPress you might need a magnifying glass to read it, but when we get it right, this is what we’ll point to as evidence of the picks.

Award          Bryan          Jon          Brett

Movie Actor    Day-Lewis      Day-Lewis    Day-Lewis

Supporting     Bardem         Holbrook     Bardem

Movie Actress  Cotillard      Page         Christie

Supporting     Blanchett      Ryan         Blanchett

Cast           Into the Wild  No Country   No Country

Comedy Actor   Baldwin        Carell       Carell

Actress        Fey            Fey          Fey

Drama Actor    Hamm           Laurie       Laurie

Actress        Falco          Close        Field

Ensemble       Sopranos       Sopranos     Sopranos

Comedy         Ugly Betty     30 Rock      30 Rock

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