Monday’s Top Ten

—Happy birthday to Elijah Wood, who turns 27 today. The Iowa-born actor says he’s willing to reprise his role of Frodo for director Peter Jackson, and that he looks forward to two upcoming Hobbit movies. So do these people.

—Today is National Kazoo Day, a big follow-up to last Monday’s MLK Day. (No school cancellations?) This marks the biggest news for kazoos since December 2006, when 2,679 kazoo players broke the Guinness world record for the largest kazoo ensemble ever. Among them: these people.

—Last night was the Screen Actors Guild Awards show. WHAP’s initial commentary and a list of winners can be found here. The night’s biggest (and perhaps only) upset was Ruby Dee‘s win for Best Supporting Actress over both Cate Blanchett and Amy Ryan. Meanwhile, the big award — Best Ensemble in a Film — went to No Country.

George Clooney is moving from his Los Angeles home because he lives too close to Britney Spears.

—In other Britney news, here is the long-awaited March issue of Blender that features the starlette on its cover. Blender admits to using Photoshop for the pic, so it’s no surprise that Spears can get away with wearing next to nothing. Hell, this is the most naked she’s been in a photograph since, well, probably yesterday.

—For Cloverfield, a near 70% sales drop from last week’s impressive debut was bad news. But worse yet was losing so much ground in the same weekend that Meet the Spartans topped the box office. Apocalypse indeed.

—Go here to watch a the theatrical trailer for Smart People, an upcoming comedy-drama starring Ellen Page, Dennis Quaid, Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden Church. From its preview, the film looks more like something Sarah Jessica Parker should be in than something Ellen Page should be in. Dammit.

Mission Freak has nabbed a leak of “Run,” Gnarls Barkley‘s brand new single — take a listen before the link is removed. It’s a little sane for the group who made us go “Crazy,” but Rolling Stone is already talking up Gnarls’ new record (coming out in April). Its title? The Odd Couple. ‘Cause we haven’t heard that before.

—In political news, Senator Edward M. Kennedy has endorsed Barack Obama for the 2008 presidency. This marks the Kennedy family’s first annoucement of support for any individual since his Senator Ted’s lifelong endorsement of Jack Daniels.

—And finally, you can watch all five of this year’s Oscar nominees for Best Animated Short Film if you go here.


2 Responses to Monday’s Top Ten

  1. malcolm says:

    glad you liked it, thanks for checking out

  2. Alana says:

    happy birthday, elijah!

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