Tuesday’s Top Ten

—Happy birthday to Oprah Winfrey, who turns 54 today. To celebrate this year, you will be voting for Barack Obama.

—A day before the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards were the Director’s Guild Awards, which featured a bit more controversy than the relatively tame SAGs. Apparently, Blade Runner and Batman Returns star Sean Young heckled numerous nominees and winners throughout the night — reaching a peak when she told Julian Schnabel to “get on with it” during his acceptance speech for Best Director. She also yelled during a video montage of Michael Clayton, but who hasn’t?

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, who first collaborated on 2006’s Talladega Nights, will reunite for Step Brothers, an upcoming comedy about two forty-something losers forced to move in together when their single parents marry. There’s a rather hilarious promo pic here.

Panic at the Disco may have lost their punctuation, but they’re picking up new fans with “Nine in the Afternoon,” the surprisingly delightful lead single from their new album Pretty.Odd. “Nine” is one of those weird Panic tracks where the band actually sings the title in the song’s refrain, and let’s face it — it’s a pretty great title. Pretty.Odd. comes out on March 25; expect less commercial success but more critical adoration. (Also worth a MySpace listen: “We’re So Starving,” a “Sgt. Pepper”-esque ditty.)

Paul Haggis, the man with the most up-and-down career in TV and film, is bringing Crash (which he co-wrote and directed) to the small screen for Starz. The show will focus on characters not featured in the film whose lives are affected by real-life racism. Is this series a good idea? Was The Black Donnellys a good idea?

WHAM-O, the famous toy company, is celebrating its 60th anniversary by holding a kid inventor contest that asks children to submit original ideas for new toys. The winning entry, which nabs the “big” prize of $2,000, must follow a few guidelines: the child needs to be 6 to 17 years old; he or she cannot use parental help; and the toy must be lead-based.

—More Americal Idol auditions air tonight, but a better use of your time is combing the internet for clips of Ryan Seacrest on Gladiator 2000 — a show he emceed before attaining star status. As host of Gladiator, Seacrest encouraged freakish humans to make fools of themselves on national television. So pretty much the same job he has now.

—In drug news, a new article from Guardian Unlimited reports that residents of California can now purchase medical marijuana from vending machines if they show proper identification. The report also estimates that Californians use more than $1 billion of prescription weed annually, at which Snoop Dogg laughed.

—It’s official: Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson will go through with their planned duet during Sunday’s Super Bowl preshow. If Jackson actually sings, it will be his television vocal debut. Paula, meanwhile, will become the first performer in Super Bowl history to pregame the pregame.

—And in political news, today is the Florida primary, where Rudy Guiliani looks to make his big move back into the Republican race. For most Florida residents, this will be the hardest thing they’ve done since their last bowel movement.


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