Wednesday’s Top Ten

Christian Bale turns 34 today, which is about 5 years older than I would have expected. While Bale has been around Hollywood a long time, Christopher Nolan’s “Batman” remakes have introduced him as one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Bale has also since then done an incredible job at selecting parts consisting only of quietly intense characters, be it Bruce Wayne, Dan Evans (3:10 to Yuma) or even Jim Luther Davis in “Harsh Times.”

— In political news, John McCain won the Florida primary yesterday, inching closer to winning the GOP presidential bid. His friend Rudy Giuliani is expected to get out of the race and throw his endorsement in McCain’s direction. It appears Super Tuesday might only be interesting on the Democratic side, even though John Edwards has also dropped out of the race.

— There was talk “Falling Slowly” from Once would be dismissed from the Oscars because of eligibility issues, but the Academy ruled the song would be considered. However, this would seem to make it a long shot for Best Original Song, which is too bad, because if nothing else, it’s a category “Once” deserved to win.

— A Cambridge newspaper survey was released claiming the university’s kinkiest college was their medical students, who had an average of 7 sexual partners. Math majors were the least sexual active. It appears “Grey’s Anatomy” really resonated with the intelligent English crowd.

— FOX continued to be the largest profiteer of the writer’s strike yesterday as “American Idol” had 28.1 million viewers, beating ABC/CBS/NBC combined. House, which came after, had 22.5 million viewers. FOX has dominated the last few weeks with the return of “Idol”, and the unexplainable popularity of “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” and “Moment of Truth”. My guess is that FOX executives are doing whatever they can to continue the writer’s strike.

— The soundtrack from Juno became the first soundtrack from a motion picture to grab the top album spot in America this week, selling 65,000 copies. Indie rock is a lot cooler when Hollywood is telling you to listen to it. Just wait until Josh Schwartz and Diablo Cody team up!

Freddy Krueger will return to Hollywood as New Line Cimema looks to continue the Hollywood trend of remaking successful horrors, like “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, “Halloween”, “The Hills Have Eyes” and “The Birds”. Somewhere, costume storeowners rejoice as Krueger mask sales will undoubtedly rise. Pretty much everyone else in the nation doesn’t care.

— Phil Gallo at Variety is willing to lay 75-1 odds that a Omaha tryout from “American Idol” makes the top 12. I certainly didn’t feel yesterday’s show was quite as bad as Charleston the week before, and actually, I thought the kid who couldn’t remember his lyrics (name anyone?) was a pretty damn good singer. Remember, the competition sadly does need guys.

— Us Weekly is confirming that Angelina Jolie is pregnant, as rumors heated up in the previous weeks and especially with her “baggier” dress at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. It really might be the biggest loss of awards season, but congratulations to Brad and Angelina in progressing towards their stated goal of 8-12 children. Here’s guaranteeing they regret it in 8-12 years.

Ruben Studdard is suing concert promoter Peachez Inc for $45,000 for breach of contract. Studdard was recently fired from his record label after his last album was a disaster. Somehow, I don’t think this news finds its way onto tonight’s episode of “American Idol”.


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