Thursday’s Top Ten

—Happy birthday to Justin Timberlake, who turns 27 today. Justin is still living high off of Futuresex/Lovesounds, his 2006 CD that spawned six (!) Top 20 singles — including three Number Ones. What will he do for an encore? Appear in the Super Bowl Pepsi commercial streaming below.

—Republican presidential candidate John McCain hits Leno tonight. It will be his first visit to any talk show where he’s actually the frontrunner, so expect more small talk than Straight Talk.

—Britney Spears has been rushed to UCLA Medical Center in what the hospital is calling “another Thursday.”

Lost returns tonight, and one has to wonder if it might eclipse this year’s ratings for American Idol. For one thing, ABC has been hyping the show like crazy, running a constant countdown in the lower right corner of every ABC show and going so far as to rerun the Season 3 finale last night. On top of that, critics love the Season 4 debut and fans everywhere are gabbing like mad. Put down your drink, Paula. And Randy, put down Paula’s backup drink. I’m calling a Lost premier audience of more than 30 million.

Montel Williams is leaving the daytime talk schedule after 17 years of The Montel Williams Show. Countless questions are circulating — does he have a book deal? Who will replace him in ’09? And why is he leaving now? But most importantly: how will I know who’s the daddy?!?

—In other talk show news, Marie Osmond will premier Marie, her brand new daytime talk show, in Fall of 2009. Don’t expect a Mormon version of “Who’s The Daddy,” as no one’s willing to run DNA tests on hundreds of children and dozens of wives.

Bill Cosby is recording his own rap album called State of Emergency, which will feature no profanity, drug references or degradation of women. True or not, that sentence alone is funnier than the entirety of Bill’s latest standup routine.

The Roots, Philadelphia’s premier hip-hop group, will release Rising Down later this year — and the list of guest appearances on the new disc is set. Among the guests are Common, Mos Def and Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy. Common, Mos Def and Pat Stump? What, was Bill Cosby busy?

Jennifer Lopez is on pregnancy watch, as rumours about her delivery have been circulating since Monday. Some say she’s in the hospital, others say she won’t give birth until next week. Either way, this has to be the least pornographic reference to “J. Lo’s twins” in recent memory.

—And in political news, Rudy Giuliani and John Edwards dropped out of the presidential race this week.


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