21 Days of Grammies: Part 12

Why should you care about the Grammy Awards? Very valid question. But let’s face it: as the Writer’s Strike threatens to shut down more and more red carpet events, the 50th Annual Grammies may be the only constant in this year’s lagging awards season. In that light, the following is the twelfth installment in my three-week countdown to February 10. Read below for my picks & pans in one of 2008’s many Grammy categories.

The award: Best Rock Song

Past five winners: Red Hot Chili Peppers (“Dani California”); U2 (“City of Blinding Lights”); U2 (“Vertigo”); The White Stripes (“Icky Thump”); Bruce Springsteen (“The Rising”)

2008 Nominees
“Come On,” Lucinda Williams
“Icky Thump,” The White Stripes
“It’s Not Over,” Daughtry
“The Pretender,” Foo Fighters
“Radio Nowhere,” Bruce Springsteen

Who’s Missing: Finger Eleven. Grammy voters decided to ignore “Paralyzer,” the slowest-growing hit of 2007. “Paralyzer” took 25 weeks to break the Billboard Top 10, but after that it moved up to Number 6 — making it the third highest-charting rock song of the year (behind Daughtry’s “It’s Not Over” and “Home,” respectively). And call me crazy, but Silverchair’s “Straight Lines” (go here) walks all over everything on this list, critics and consumers be damned.

Who Shouldn’t Be There: Daughtry. Best Rock Song is a songwriter’s award, so if “It’s Not Over” wins, then Chris Daughtry gets a Grammy for musicianship – when in reality all he did was write a couple of lyrics. We all saw what happens when an American Idol winner actually tries to write songs…anyone remember Kelly Clarkson’s My December? Let’s not encourage Chris to do the same.

Who Should Win: The White Stripes. Jack White is the most versatile musician of our generation: he won Alternative and Rock Grammies in 2004, a Country Grammy in 2005, and was nominated for a Pop Grammy in 2006. It’s nice to see the guy get around, but I’m glad he returned to his rock roots with “Icky Thump” — and Grammy voters should be too.

Who Will Win: Daughtry. The Foo Fighters garnered 5 nominations this year, but this is the only one for songwriting as opposed to song production. So don’t expect them to take this award home. Instead, expect it to go to Daughtry — making him the third American Idol alum to take home a Grammy, albeit the only one without hair.


3 Responses to 21 Days of Grammies: Part 12

  1. QwikSand says:

    Hi. I just read your post and it is very good. I just wanted to mention that even though Chris only wrote the chorus for It’s Not Over, he did write or co-write 10 of the 12 songs on the cd (wrote 8 alone including Home and one with Shinedown and one with Mitch Allen). So he already is writing his own songs and has been successful doing it 🙂 Kelly on the other hand, I really like her but you hit that one dead on.

  2. Jon says:

    Yeah, that’s true. And “Home” is up for Best Pop Performance by a Group, so he has a chance to win for a song that he really had a true hand in writing. I think he deserves that one more so than this one.

  3. QwikSand says:

    I agree with that completely. Good luck with this 🙂

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