Friday’s Top Ten

—First and foremost, happy Black History Month. WHAP’s 29-day celebration of African American media performances started with this tribute to Robert Johnson.

—Happy birthday to Big Boi of OutKast, who turns 33 today. The Grammy-winning rap superstar will no longer emcee alongside André 3000, but recent roles in Idlewild and Who’s Your Caddy suggest a promising career in film.

—This Sunday is the Super Bowl, which should be incredibly boring outside of musical performances and hilarious commercials ($2.7 mill per 30 seconds). Appearances include: Tom Petty, Paula Abdul and possibly Michael Jackson. And that’s just the white people!

Eva Mendes, the sizzling star of Hitch and Ghost Rider, has checked into rehab. No word on whether she’s actually drug-addicted or just visiting the rest of Hollywood.

—There are 28 days left to bid on Keira Knightley‘s green dress from Atonement. The opening bid was $1,000 and all proceeds go to charity.

Wesley Snipes was acquitted in a case of tax fraud after the entire jury was found dead with vampire marks around their necks.

—The media parade surrounding Heath Ledger‘s death took a turn for the worst this week, as Entertainment Tonight almost published a video showing Ledger at a “drug party.” (Ledger does not take drugs in the video.) In good news, however, ex-amour Michele Williams released this candid statement.

—Because the writer’s strike has yet to be resolved, CBS and NBC have picked up scripted dramas from Canada. Details have yet to be released on what they’re aboot.

—We mentioned yesterday that Jennifer Lopez is likely to give birth imminently, but no one saw this coming: the Latino diva is bringing designer gowns to the maternity ward where she’ll be staying. Come on.

—And in “movies-you-won’t-see” news, big flicks came out today from two of America’s finest actresses. (That’s “fine” as in, “Damn, she’s fine.”) The first is Over Her Dead Body starring Eva Longoria-Parker, perhaps the most desperate housewife when it comes to movie roles. The second is The Eye starring Jessica Alba, in which Alba plays a blind girl and really makes the viewer empathize with her condition. (That’s “empathize” as in, “Damn, I’d rather be blind than watch this shit.”)


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