Monday’s Top Ten

— The New York Giants upset the New England Patriots in an epic Super Bowl that was seen by more than 10% of the people that watched big brother Peyton Manning’s Super Bowl a year ago. The Giants were the lowest seed to ever make the Super Bowl, the Patriots one of the largest favorites after winning the 18 games before last night’s loss.

— Tired from bad reality shows and concerned about living through Canadian dramas? According to sources from Variety and other outlets, the WGA made their biggest stride with the production studios yet on Friday, with an end to the writer’s strike in grasp. Because, really, if we have to go another 2 months without “The Office”, we just might never forgive these studio bastards.

— Momentum continues to build for “No Country for Old Men” in the Oscar race, as the Coen Brothers’ hit won the Producer of the Year award at Saturday’s PGA Awards. It’s disappointing to me, as someone who didn’t love the movie, but the Best Picture race is effectively over. Oscar pundits will have you believe otherwise, but the popularity of their columns depends on you giving a shit. “No Country” has won the SAG, the Scripter, the DGA and the PGA — the best in acting, writing, directing and producing.

— As always, the best place for a Super Bowl — Pop Culture combination is Patriots fan and ESPN columnist Bill Simmons, devastated after New England’s loss. Simmons did see it coming a bit during the game, mentioning Tom Brady shaking hands with Pat O’Brien before the pregame introductions. I’ll just quote Simmons now: “In the Super Bowl, you’d much rather be the “Nobody believes in us!” team than the “Not only does everybody believe in us, but our QB shakes hands before games with Pat O’Brien” team. You just would.”

— As Jon mentioned during the weekend, Hannah Montana‘s dominance over the pop culture landscape continued as her 3-D movie reigned supreme over the weekend. In fact, the $29 million haul was the highest gross for any Super Bowl weekend of all-time, as Montana up-ended even “Titanic”. Female driven movies ruled the box office, as the top four all lead with females: Montana, Jessica Alba (“The Eye”), Katherine Heigl (“27 Dresses”) and Ellen Page (“Juno”). Diane Lane and Eva Longoria are both in the distance, praying their husbands can do as well in 2008 as they did in 2007.

— Speaking of Heigl, the Grey’s Anatomy star ranked atop’s annual list of the 99 Most Desirable Women … in the world? Heigl joins Jessica Alba, Beyonce and Adriana Lima as previous number ones. This man’s choice, Jenna Fischer, isn’t found until 98.

— While this has no news value, I saw “The Savages” over the weekend, and will have a review up this week. While normally a fan of darker indie feel-good movies, Tamara Jenkins did not connect with me here. Angelina Jolie not earning an Oscar nom over Cate Blanchett and Laura Linney might be the injustice of the nominations, after all.

— After huge success from delayed entries into the “Rocky” and “Rambo” series, Sylvester Stallone has inked a “lucrative” two-action film deal with the producers of his “Rambo” movie. Stallone’s career looked like it was dying when we saw “Driven” seven years ago, but the actor has reinvigorated his career by reinventing his characters. Somewhere Danny Glover is asking, “Is it really that easy?”

— My Super Bowl group voted the best commercial to be the FedEx pigeons commercial. Here is another take. As if Joe Buck didn’t tell you enough times, all Super Bowl commercials can still be seen at MySpace. Variety also has a lengthy review.

— Perhaps the biggest news of 2008: Sarah Silverman can be funny.


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