Black History Month Celebration: 1983

February is a month of celebration in the pop culture community — between the Grammy and the Academy Awards, the best in the music and cinema fields will be recognized in the next month. However, between the awards buzz for those two big nights, we want to make sure not to overshadow February’s significance: Black History Month. So to follow the month’s trend of celebration, we plan to spend all of February going through the most important African-American pop culture personalities of the last 29 years. We continue today with 1983.

25 years after it was released, “Thriller” is still the best-selling album of all time.  It spent an incredible 35 weeks at #1 and is the only album ever to be the best seller of two different years (1983 and 1984).

The album incuded such hits as “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin,” “The Girl Is Mine,” “Beat It,” and “Billie Jean.”  To top it all off, the music video for the song “Thriller” is regarded by many to be the best music video of all time. 

Jackson was already a star before “Thriller” was released, but after it’s debut, Jackson was recognized to be one of the greatest pop artists of all time.  He was nominated for 12 Grammy Awards in 1984, and won a record 8.  7 of the awards were for “Thriller,” the other being a song on the soundtrack of E.T.

On February 12, Jackson  will release “Michael Jackson 25th Anniversary of Thriller,” an album with all the original hits of the original “Thriller” and some new remixes featuring the likes of Kanye West, Akon, and Fergie.


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