Tuesday’s Top Ten

—Happy birthday to Hank Aaron, who turns 74 today. Aaron is second on the all-time MLB list for home runs, and first if you’re only counting the pre-chemical era. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1982.

—Today is Super Tuesday, or the ultimate showdown between McCain and Romney on the right and Obama and Clinton on the left. For the average citizen, it’s a great day to get behind a stranger who lusts for the presidency. Today is also Fat Tuesday in New Orleans — another great day to get behind a stranger, but for entirely different reasons.

—Wouldn’t it be silly if there was an awards show for Canadian musicians? Oh wait, there is! Head here to see this year’s nominations for the Juno Awards, which will be given out in early April. Avril Lavigne, Feist and Celine Dion lead the Canadian-born nominees, but the best category by far is for International Album of the Year: Bon Jovi, Rihanna, Fergie, Josh Groban and Timbaland will duke it out for that award. So they mean “international” in the same way as the House of Pancakes.

—In other Feist news, the indie songstress has won the Shortlist Music Prize, given to the best US release that sold less than 500,000 copies in 2007. She made it past the half-a-mill mark earlier this year and hopes to grab a couple of Grammies on Sunday.

—Former “You Drive Me Crazy” singer Britney Spears will be tested in the near future to see if she actually is, umm, insane. This may be bad news for Brit, as on her last test she got fully positive results.

50 Cent has officially endorsed Hillary Clinton for president because he thinks Obama would get shot in office. But then Barack could have a rap career!

Ashlee Simpson has emerged with “Rule Breaker,” yet another promotional track for Bittersweet World, her upcoming third CD. In it, Ash details her relationship with Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz and repeatedly refers to herself as — you guessed it — a rule breaker. The most recent rule she broke: always release a good first single.

Heidi Montag has also released a new single called “Higher.” It’s everything you expected and less.

Pamela Anderson will spend Valentine’s Day performing at a famous nude revue in Paris, France. In her routine, she will strip naked on a Harley Davidson. How…romantic?

—And in endorsement news, Eminem might be the new spokesman for Slim Fast, as he gained some serious weight after a recent bout with pneumonia. Evidently, fat ain’t phat.


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