Friday’s Top Ten

—Happy birthday to Gary Coleman, who turns 40 today but looks eight. You know him best from his role on Diff’rent Strokes, where he played the adopted son of a rich white widower. He also ran for the governor of California back in 2003, placing eighth put ultimately losing to a man who could eat him.

—Today’s big movie release is Fool’s Gold, the first onscreen pairing of Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson since 2003’s How to Lose Your Acting Reputation a Guy in Ten Days. Fool’s Gold doesn’t look much better, and you know your movie is in trouble when one of its biggest taglines is “…from the guy who directed Hitch.”

—A new study links cell phone usage to a lowered sperm count in men. That makes phone sex a double whammy…

—There are two big awards shows this Sunday night, one for music and one for movies. The first is The Grammies (noms here); continued WHAP analysis and live coverage to come. The second is The BAFTA Awards (noms here), where Atonement leads the pack with 12 nominations.

—In other Grammy news, Amy Winehouse will perform after all at the ceremony — just live via satellite from London.

—A gigantic list of peformers has been announced for 2008’s South by Southwest Music & Film Festival, and the biggest name by far is R.E.M. WHAP is least excited about the appearance of Ryan Cabrera, who has been on the way down ever since he released the single of the same name.

Timbaland is making the first “mobile album” in history, meaning that Verizon subscribers can download one song a month throughout 2008. Guests on the disc will include OneRepublic, Taylor Swift (?) and Paramore. We can only hope for a “Can You Hear Me Now?” remix of some sort.

Cher has confirmed rumors that she dated Tom Cruise in the 80s — back when she was in her 80s. The Cher-Cruise hookup is rather bizarre, but more bizarre is that she was the Oscar winner in that couple.

Rosie O’Donnell has denied that she was an alcoholic, instead explaining that she recently gave up drinking for health reasons. Anyone who sleeps with her is still presumed to have been drinking.

—And in WGA news, writers will meet with execs in New York and LA tomorrow. This could end the writer’s strike and bring back what everyone wants: more episodes of The Big Bang Theory!


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