Monday’s Top Ten

–Happy birthday to Sheryl Crow, who turns 45 today. The singer/songwriter released Detours, her critically-acclaimed sixth album, last week. Check out the single here

–Today is Dr. Phil‘s 1,000 episode, and Oprah is stopping by to celebrate in style.

–Last week, Woody Allen released this creepy fatherly letter to Scarlett Johannson, urging her not to go the “Page Six party route” and to be more like Meryl Streep. Yet again, Allen proves incapable of hiding his ScarJo woody.

–In other Johannson news, the actress might be engaged to Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds (of the upcoming Definitely, Maybe). Who wears the pants in that relationship? Not sure, but no one wears the shirt.

Transformers won big last night at the Visual Effects Society Awards. By my count, though, Transformers’ special effects are a distant second from the best thing to look at in the film.

–Hey, Paula Abdul, you haven’t done anything ridiculous or blatantly booze-induced in awhile. Wait, you said what to the L.A. Times in support of Hillary Clinton?

You know I would love to see a woman [president]. You know, it’ll change the world, having a female president…Women have the ability to take over when there’s major crisis and breakdown and a woman has the ability to think on a whole different perspective. From a heart place that is different.

For evidence of Paula’s ability to take over in a crisis, head here.

Snoop Dogg’s latest album, titled Ego Trippin’, has been moved from a May release to a debut date of March 11. Drop it like it’s hot, I guess.

–In sports, one pitcher’s got a big butt because it’s swollen from steroids injection. That’s right: Roger Clemens is all the more likely to have doped because his wife has been accused of taking human growth hormone. Worse yet, Clemens pressured her to do so.

–The BAFTAs were last night, and Atonement took home the prize for Best Film. The winners for acting were Daniel Day-Lewis, Marion Cotillard, Javier Bardem and Tilda Swinton.

–And in politics, Barack Obama swept all four Democratic primaries this weeked: Nebraska, Washington, Louisiana and Maine. He also won a Grammy last night for Best Spoken Word Album — beating out former president Bill Clinton in the process. Hillary, however, still has a shot at the Best Post-Primary Performance Oscar for her tears in South Carolina.


One Response to Monday’s Top Ten

  1. me says:

    paula abdul is a very strong woman. she keeps running into problems, but some how, she keeps coming back from them, stronger than before. she survives freakin everything.

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