Black History Month Celebration: 1990

February is a month of celebration in the pop culture community — between the Grammy and the Academy Awards, the best in the music and cinema fields will be recognized in the next month. However, between the awards buzz for those two big nights, we want to make not to overshadow February’s significance: Black History Month. So to follow the month’s trend of celebration, we plan to spend all of February going through the most important African-American pop culture personalities of the last 29 years. We continue today with 1990.

Eyebrows or not, Whoopi Goldberg is the closest thing we’ve got to a legitimate Queen of Media. She combines the talk show sensability of Oprah with the performing talent of Angela Bassett. She currently hosts her own AM radio show and then dominates discussion topics on The View. And she’s one of ten people in history to pull off the actor’s quadruple crown: Goldberg has an Emmy, an Oscar, a Golden Globe and a Tony award. Today we look at her Oscar.

Back in 1990, a little-known Whoopi Goldberg took the role of Oda Mae Brown in the romantic thriller Ghost. A year later, she won the award for Best Supporting Actress at the Academy Awards, making her just the second black female to take home an Oscar. In her acceptance speech, Goldberg thanked everyone “who makes movies” for continuing to inspire her from the getgo.

Goldberg has since hung up her acting shoes, but few will forget her mark on pop culture.


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