Tuesday’s Top 10

-Happy Birthday to Arsenio Hall (53), Josh Brolin (40) and Christopher McCandless.  McCandless, the real-life subject of Into the Wild, would have been 40-years-old today had he not met his death in 1992.  (Oooppps!!!  Didn’t mean to spoil the movie.) 

Barron Hilton, little brother of Paris Hilton, was booked for a DUI this morning in Malibu when he blew a 1.4.  When asked what drove him to risk his life by driving drunk, the 18-year-old responded, “I was looking for porn on the internet when I stumbled up a sex video starring my incredibly hot whore of a sister.”

Film and TV writers voted today on whether or not to end their 14 week strike, pending approval of their new contract.  I can’t believe the strike was only 14 weeks.  It seemed like at least 3 and 1/2 months to me. 

George Lucas is going back on his word.  He recently announced there are more Star Wars movies to come–only this time in the form of animation. 

-In other news, Buzz Lightyear is hoping to revive his acting career by being cast as Han Solo.  Personally, I think Animal should play Chewbacca and the Count should play a horny version of Darth Vader

USA Today reported today that Gary Coleman has been secretly married since August.  Click here for a picture of his wife.

-Rapper The Game has been sentenced to 60 days in jail and 150 hours of community service after pleading guilty to felony gun charges.  Game Over.

Mariah Carey has changed the name of her upcoming album.  The album, which was originally going to be titled That Girl, is now named E=MC2 (E equals MC squared).

-It is being reported that Barack Obama won today’s Democratic primary in Virginia.  There is no official word yet on the other two primaries held today, Washington D.C. and Maryland.   

 –HarperCollins, the publishers of JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series are suing New Line Cinema for 77 million pounds.  Click here if you want to read details almost as boring as one of Tolkien’s books.


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