Top 5 Trailers of 2007

They have awards for everything in movies, from the best make-up to the “truer than fiction award.”  But somehow, there is no major award for movie trailers.  I’ll be the first to admit, my favoirte part of seeing a movie in the theater (other than the Kung-Fu panda with Jack Black’s voice) is to watch the previews.  There is an art to making trailers, and a great trailer will leave me to count down the days until the movie comes out.  My favorie trailers in the past couple years include: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Garden State, Lost in Translation, and Magnolia.  There was an excellent crop of trailers this year, and without any further delay, here are my top 5.

5. Juno

I’m all about this trailer until the last 45 seconds.  Up until then, it is a mix of great music, great dialouge, and the movie’s best cinematography.  However, with less than a minute remaining in the trailer, a cheesey, amatuer-quality voiceover comes on to ruin all of the momentum the trailer had already created.  If the voice over had been left out, this would have been my favorite trailer of the year.

4. Spider-man 3

This trailer made this crappy-ass movie look like it was going to be the movie of the year.  Enough said.

 3. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

I still get choked up every time I see this trailer, even though I have yet to see the movie.  I love its fast paced beginning, that shot of the butterfly weaving through the field of cotton weeds, and all the touching snapshot moments that follow.  The trailer does drag a bit towards the end, but the fact that all of this is based on a true story is enough to earn this trailer a spot at #3.

2. No Country for Old Men

I still shit my pants everytime I watch this trailer.  This trailer, like the Diving Bell and the Butterfly trailer, does a great job of using text instead of some lame voiceover to get across its point.  The opening sequence with Javier Bardem is terrifying and the moments that follow escalate perfectly.   

1. I’m Not There

This trailer starts with a number of artsy, beautiful shots, the most impressive of which being the shot of a boy running through a yellow field in summer.  The moment where the music to “Like a Rolling Stone” starts and Cate Blanchett stands up on stage is magical in its timing.  The use of text and dialogue to introduce each of the actors (and one actress) that will play a version of Dylan is perfect.  And that giraffe in the background of the farm in one of the final shots is so odd, but it just adds to the intrigue the rest of the trailer has created.

If, after watching all of these trailers, you are still hungry for more, check out these honorable mentions: 300, American Gangster, The Great Debaters, and Rocket Science.


3 Responses to Top 5 Trailers of 2007

  1. Bryan says:

    While it’s slightly embarrassing, and I did not end up seeing the movie, I thought the “P.S. I Love You” trailer was really good. It starts out a bit silly and then the text “His Life Ended” is pretty dumb, but the preview gets good at the 1:05 mark when “Breathe” by Michelle Branch comes in. Outside of Robbie Robertson’s inclusion in “The Great Debaters”, and yeah, maybe “Like a Rolling Stone” in I’m Not There, I really think it’s the best musical choice for a trailer this year. The song has such an energy, and both moments we get the refrain there is actual emotional resonance. It’s weird, but I remembered this preview more than any I’d seen this year, outside “Spiderman 3”.

    See trailer here:

    By the way, is it too early to award “The Dark Knight” with the trailer of 2008?

  2. Brett says:

    Well, I know for sure that “Fools Gold” isn’t going to make the list.

  3. Jon says:

    As for the 2008 running, don’t forgot the bizarre trailer for “Funny Games” — that Naomi Watts thriller with the hard-hitting piano music and creepy, creepy scene selection.

    And shame on you, Brett, for calling out “Fool’s Gold.” I laughed for days when I first heard

    “Where’d you learn how to fly?”

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