Friday’s Top Ten

—Happy birthday to Drew Barrymore, who turns 33 today. Currently, Drew can be found gracing the cover of Vogue. She also gives advice to young Hollywood in the accompanying article, which explains that Drew started drinking at 9, smoking weed at 10 and snorting cocaine at 13. She’s since become sober, but that must have been one crazy Communion.

—This Sunday is the Oscars! And unless the Academy goes vote-for-Crash crazy, we’re looking at a potentially predictable night of awards. That said, the strike ended just in time to give us stars, speeches, celebration sans sobriety and even Jon Stewart — as the Comedy Central funnyman who puts the “pun” in pundit returns for his second chance to make people more famous than him giggle. WHAP’s analysis thus far is here; more to come before Sunday night.

—In the latest issue of Harp magazine, Dave Grohl jokes that he’s hanging up the guitar for a presidential bid. But I saw him last night with Foo in Philadelphia (review pending) — and nothing should keep this guy from the rock stage.

—This weekend’s box office battle has four contenders: Be Kind Rewind (Jack Black and Mos Def); Witless Protection (Larry the Cable Guy); Charlie Bartlett (Anton Yelchin) and Vantage Point (anyone else who acts). Early estimates predict victory for Vantage Point, but I wouldn’t count out another dominant weekend for Jumper.

—Last night’s American Idol had the show’s first four casualties: Amy Davis, Joanne Borgella, Garrett Haley and Colton Berry. (No, they don’t warrant bold print.) Davis, the most career-conscious of the rejects, immediately went to Maxim for some bikini pics and a “hottie-ography.”

—Last night, Aaron Carter was arrested for pot possession in Texas.

Jennifer Lopez gave birth to twins this morning — one baby boy, one baby girl. She’ll make an estimated $6 mill for exclusive pics of the kids — though Michael Jackson offered to double that.

—The brand-new cast of Dancing with the Stars has been announced; among the competitors are Adam Corolla, Shannon Elizabeth and R&B singer Mario. My money’s on Mario, who dances for a living.

—Earlier this week, Mensa put out a list of the Top Ten Smartest TV Shows. Included are: Frasier, Mad About You and Boston Legal. Mensa might want to watch some tapes of strategy on The Gauntlet and consider a revote…

—And congratulations, fact-checkers, Will Smith did not actually say that Hitler was a “good person.” That was Dick Cheney.


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