What to Watch for Tonight: Gauntlet III

I’ll be the first to admit, I am not proud of watching this show.  But to me, the Gauntlet III is no more of a guilty pleasure than American Idol is to the rest of the nation.  Sure, it may boast the stupidest intro of any show ever, with people crawling out of the sand like zombies and even spitting sand out of their mouths, but at least I don’t have to listen to Simon or Paula.  Tonight is the shows final episode (unless they pull some to be continued… bullshit, which is very probable) and below are my thoughts on what exactly will happen.


It has been a season full of the Veteran men saying “trim the fat” over and over again.  As for the rookies, the only thing that has been consistent about their team is that they look handicapped during challenges, and that Frank bitches about everything (Guys!  I made a promise!  We can’t send Adam into the Gauntlet!  Don’t make me pout on national television!).  Last week we saw Katie sent home from the Vets at the hands of Paula (and Adam) and then MTV boldly ended the episode without showing who the Rookies chose from the Veteran’s remaining men to send to the Gauntlet.

Here are my predictions for tonight.  The rookies are going to send in Adam, which will make Frank whine like a child for about half of the episode (and yet I agree with Frank here, why not send in CT and pray that he gets eliminated?) .  The Vets will chose to send in Danny against Adam because Danny tried to cut a deal with the Rookies last episode.  Somehow, the Gauntlet will turn out to be Sliders, and Adam will beat Danny.

As far as the final challenge goes, I think the Rookies are going to win.  From the previews it looks like challenge is some sort of long race, involving lots of puzzles, being chained together, and running around.  Even though the Vets have proven time and time again that they are more capable at solving puzzles than the rookies, I believe Eric’s extra weight is going to slow the Vet’s down. 

I don’t know who I want to win.  Up until the end of last episode I wanted the Vets to win because of my violent hate for Frank.  But then CT had to prove he is the biggest asshole on the show by dumping a beer on his teammate (and housemate from Real World Paris) Adam, while Adam was trying to look out for CT.

No matter what, the show promises to be an entertaining hour that will leave me very disappointed in the end.  I can’t wait.     


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