Where’s the Starlet Union

The big TV news today is we find out that Lindsay Lohan will make her triumphant return to pop culture with a guest role in “Ugly Betty”. According to ABC, Lohan will be appearing in the show’s season finale, and has signed a total of a six-show contract with the show.

For those that care, Lindsay has started shooting, and will be Betty’s down-on-her-luck high school pal. Something tells me she’ll be able to draw from experience.

I don’t watch the show, and I never liked Lohan, so I don’t particularly care. I just find it to be one of the weakest, most visible copycat moves by TV producers in some time. Something tells me that the motivation for getting Lohan was not so much based in the starlet’s acting abilities, but by the ratings boost “How I Met Your Mother” received on March 24 when Britney Spears guest-starred.

Spears appearance on the CBS comedy was received with the most viewers the show had seen all season, almost a full million viewers more than the preceding week, which had been the first time of the season the show eclipsed 9 million viewers. It was later announced that Spears would reprise her role as Abby.

The reason “The Office” is a great show is because it doesn’t need big guest stars to win Thursday nights. It does it with, you know, the script. “30 Rock” is a great show because while they get big guest stars, the script supports them. “30 Rock” doesn’t use celebrities for exploitation. I wish all sitcoms could say the same.


2 Responses to Where’s the Starlet Union

  1. Jon says:

    For what it’s worth, I think HIMYM is the third best comedy on TV. (And Neil Patrick Harris himself hated the bring-on-Britney ratings maneuver.)

  2. Bryan says:

    I mean, the Spears thing was lame exploitation, but it doesn’t bother me, because it also frontiered the practice. If you’re going to sell out, try to do it in a way that hasn’t been done before. So for that, I say fuck “Ugly Betty”. And not literally, as cute as America Ferrara can be off the show.

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