Fun With Fruit … Or Is It a Vegetable?

I’m a Rotten Tomatoes junkie, because for some reason, the groupthink of movie critics interests me. In perusing the sight, I think two simple numbers are as telling as any review could be:

Iron Man” : 94%

88 Minutes“: 6%

Number of movies with 100 reviews or more to match Iron Man’s 94% in 2007: 8. These movies include: “Once”, “Ratatouille”, “Away From Her”, “Persepolis”, “No Country for Old Men”, “Enchanted”, “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly”, “In the Shadow of the Moon”.

The average of Al Pacino’s last 5 major studio releases: 29%. These movies include “88 Minutes”, “Ocean’s Thirteen”, “Two for the Money”, “Gigli” and “The Recruit”. This does not include Pacino’s well-reviewed portrayal of Shylock in 2004 in Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice”, which received a 71% but made $3.75M.


Below the jump I have included the snippets on the RT site of the five English favorable reviews of “88 Minutes”, which suggest 6% was rather generous.

Doris Toukarmine of the Film Journal International wrote, “Lurid, cynical and cheesy as it is, 88 Minutes doesn’t entirely disappoint.”

Michael A. Smith of Pop Culture Review wrote, “An enjoyable thriller for those who don’t worry about plots…”

Prairie Miller of NewsBlaze wrote, “While 88 Minutes is no 3:10 To Yuma, this beat-the-clock escape artist fare that’s light on logic and heavy on the shoe leather, sustains sufficient breathlessly nerve-jangling lockdown for the duration, despite a couple of weirdly situated plot holes.”

Daniel M. Kimmel of the Worcester Telegram & Gazette wrote, “88 Minutes is a guilty pleasure, which shouldn’t be confused with serious moviemaking.”

Andrew Sarris of the New York Observer wrote, “88 Minutes will add a little more luster to a career that has not been adequately appreciated perhaps because of the suspiciously seductive power of a little man with an outsize talent.”


So, “88 Minutes” is described by those that liked it as lurid, cynical, cheesy, plotless, light on logic, heavy on shoe lever, and not to be confused with serious moviemaking. Do we have a favorite for a Razzie this early in the year?


One Response to Fun With Fruit … Or Is It a Vegetable?

  1. Bryan says:

    Also, the average of Robert de Niro’s last 5 major studio releases, non-animation category: 37%. These movies include “Stardust”, “The Good Shepherd”, “Hide and Seek”, “Meet the Fockers”, and “Godsend”.

    A fall from grace for the Godfather boys, I’d say. Doesn’t invoke a lot of hope for their collaboration, “Righteous Kill”, set for a September release with “88 Minutes” director Jon Avnet at the helm.

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