What WHAP’s Listening To

Song: “Viva La Vida”
Band: Coldplay
Album: Viva La Vida, or Death And All His Friends (out 6/17 on EMI)

Okay, so we’re not exactly revolutionary here; “Viva” is already a top-ten iTunes download and quickly making its way onto radio playlists everywhere. But the (potential) lead single from Coldplay’s new disc — preceded possibly by “Violet Hill, which more than 2 million fans downloaded for free last week — is a fantastic song. Incessant strings, pulsating drums and a spare piano part make up the Brian Eno-helmed track, and lyrics about ruling the world or something top it all off. I’m also loving the song-ending, U2-esque call and response yells.


2 Responses to What WHAP’s Listening To

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  2. darmowe seriale…

    […]What WHAP’s Listening To « Wet, Hot American Produce[…]…

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